My first blog post , I had dreads!


So today December 22 2013, I decided to start blogging ….. perhaps it’s because I now have time, since I am on vacation . Let’s see how this goes.

I wanted to blog about my hair journey, but I am sure this thing will evolve into my personal diary ,  chronicling my bad days at work, great hair do’s , marriage, first dog, great sex,  etc etc etc.

Today we talk about my hair, specifically my decision to “comb out” my dreads .

Growing up , I had thick natural hair , I  got a perm in high school, and man was it healthy for one whole entire month ! And then, I started to not really care about it .

It took me almost 10 years to decide to go natural . The nudge actually came from a guy ! He said, ” you would look great with locks” and so I got locks ( my issues with self esteem , image and relationships is for another  post) .

So here we are with baby dreads in college :

Baby dreads

Baby dreads

I loved my hair, I kept it for years , just about 7 years to be specific. And if you know me, I don’t keep anything for that long, back then not even a man…..LOL

Now here is the thing with dreads/locks/natty… get labelled. The rasta girl, the natural hair girl, the vegetarian…whoa there……it’s just hair , right ? RIGHTTTT.

So as my hair grew, I loved it because I finally found a hair style that fit me, and that my grandparents loved….( that’s important) .

2119_59788187058_269_n 72080_10150110479897059_3389768_n 156380_10150105780777059_3546390_n 167702_10150129269222059_8332089_n

So now here we are in 2013, I have done all these fun things with my dreads/locks/natty and now I am bored. And I start thinking can I cut my hair ? People went crazy at the idea, ” really your gonna cut your dreads ? but it fit you, you’re gonna look weird with it gone”……

I knew the story of my dreads began with what people thought, It  does not make sense….it’s my hair…and it’s only hair …isn’t it ?

So I decided to be a rebel , I went with my gut…..bye bye dreads…..hello loose natural hair…I am going defy popular opinion, and my granny, and go with what I want…and I wanted freedom from dreads.

So I opted to comb these suckers out…it took all of three months, just over 120 locks and now here we are , loose healthy natural hair…and importantly freedom. It’s the hair I want and the hair that I feel more comfortable with .


So I had dreads, now I have loose natural hair. I kinda miss  the convenience of locks, but now I feel empowered, more confident and happy that I chose a hairstyle for me and not for everyone else.

My only problem…… the hell do I comb this hair !


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