So I lost 20 pounds and installed box braids in one month!


So just about a month ago I decided to go on the HCG diet.

After weighing in at a whopping 320.8 pounds, the highest I have ever been in my entire life, I decided that I  needed to do something. So I did.

My friend had just come off the diet and kept off the weight and spoke about all the benefits, the skin clearing up, losing fat in all  the right places, eating cleaner blah blah blah…but would I lose the weight …..

I toyed with a couple of ideas at first and excuses about why I shouldn’t do the diet, but then I looked at my ankles and my knees and decided they were suffering far too long. I couldn’t make it  upstairs without my knees creaking and feeling winded!

I decided to try it !

Preparation is key with any lifestyle change/diet. So I borrowed my friend’s food  scale and body scale  lol, bought all the fruits AnD veggies I needed and braced myself.

I also installed box braids, my first true protective style. I needed something that would be low maintenance and wouldn’t need oil, as this diet restricts all oil , even those in lotions, hair products and that which you cook with.

My box braids, which I absolutely love !

My box braids, which I absolutely love !

Now here is the thing about the HCG diet, you are really limited in what you could eat. Only select vegetables, mostly leafy and green. Only lean meat, chicken breast, white fish, shrimp. And for fruit, apple, orange, grapefruit (which is technically not a fruit, yuck) and strawberries. You can eat only two melba toast per day…and if you don’t know what melba toast is….think bread…really toasted, dry, thin, dry, bland, dry, dry,dry…did i say dry ?  You get the point.

Typical meal on the diet.

Typical meal on the diet.

My aim was to lose 20 pounds…and well by the end of week one I lost over ten pounds. Surprisingly I was never hungry, my skin was glowing and I really got used to cooking without oil. It was hard though ! No patty and coco-bread, no pizza, no bread, no sweet hardough bread with chiffon butta and chocolate lasco…..I’m getting carried away.

So I called my friend/my weight loss coach and told her about the cravings. She said ” stacy just get mad pon di food, just get vex” . Instead I cried . Big  gyal like me , ah bawl ova food. The tears came down when my boyfriend ate a slice of cornmeal pudding right in front of me( well not really in front on me..but In proximity). But I never gave in, I had to give my body a chance. I needed to get healthy. 

The pudding that made me cry

The pudding that made me cry

So here I am not even a full month in, with 20 pounds gone ! Thank you HCG diet!

I feel more energetic, my clothes don’t fit and for the first time in a long time, that’s a good thing !

My jeans that were previously snug were fitting really loose..felt kinda sloppy lol

My jeans that were previously snug were fitting really loose..felt kinda sloppy lol

HCG does wonders for the skin, I only have on a little bit of mineral foundation and thats usually not enough to give me good coverage

HCG does wonders for the skin, I only have on a little bit of mineral foundation and thats usually not enough to give me good coverage

I am down from a size 24 to 20 ! My aim? To be healthy, not sure what size that is, but when I feel satisfied I will let you know.

Box braids and my 20 pounds thinner pic!

Box braids and my 20 pounds thinner pic!

And for the box braids…LOVE IT…it’s so me…I don’t miss my loose hair at all LOL.

My advice, if you really want to change something about yourself and to be healthier, just do it. Life is too short to procrastinate and make excuses. It won’t be easy and trust me, you will cry and get frustrated, but there is no greater joy than going into a store and finding a pair a jeans two sizes smaller than the one you bought in that same store a month prior….and fitting that smaller jeans and looking #FLAWLESS .

I will keep you all posted on my weight loss journey , the next phase is where I start working out…we will see how that goes….


My love for Curly hair!


Happy new year guys ! I hope 2014 is filled with joy, prosperity, happiness,peace and  love .

I spent this Christmas with friends and family, eating, laughing and falling in love with  my hair. As you would have seen in my last post, I took down my locks about six months ago. My head is now full of loose, mid length, 4c ish hair….and it gives me life !!!

Styling my hair has always been challenging, and I ended up watching Youtube natural hair experts in an attempt to learn how to style my hair. Hands down, I live for the curly hairstyles and I have to big up Jouelzy, CharyJay and my NaturalSisters for their tutorials. See links below

Here are three reasons,why curly Hairstyles work for me :

Reason 1 –  they are easy to do and fairly easy to maintain. I am a dunce with my hair at this point, and so to actually have a twist out worth photographing is a miracle!  You literally need clean hair, some oil, eco styler or shea butter. Watch a couple tutorials and  learn  how to  double strand twist, bantu knots and using rods.   Tip, if you are doing a bantu knot on wet hair, give it time to dry hunny….most annoying to have saggy kinda curly , frizzy hair.


Reason 2 –  .You can style the curly hairstyle . Many times my curly dos lack shape and kinda poke out all over the place. I once had a medusa looking twist out….not cute. So bobby pins are “hair” to the rescue. I love the fact that I can pull my curly fro to the side or wear a faux hawk and look flawless.

Coldwave rods on dry hair with ecostyler and pinned to the side.

Coldwave rods on dry hair with ecostyler and pinned to the side.

Reason 3 – Curly makes frizz cute. Now when I say frizz, I mean frizzy, straggly, hairs that rebel against ecostyler and hate moisturiser. With my curly dos , a little frizz gives my hair personality. It’s not horrible and can pass as my neat- messy look.

This was my second attempt at a bantu knot out or chiney bump as Jamaicans Say..kinda frizzy but loved it.

This was my second attempt at a bantu knot out or chiney bump as Jamaicans Say..kinda frizzy but loved it.

My next hairstyles will be be protective…I’ll let you know how that goes.  Till then , be safe !

My first blog post , I had dreads!


So today December 22 2013, I decided to start blogging ….. perhaps it’s because I now have time, since I am on vacation . Let’s see how this goes.

I wanted to blog about my hair journey, but I am sure this thing will evolve into my personal diary ,  chronicling my bad days at work, great hair do’s , marriage, first dog, great sex,  etc etc etc.

Today we talk about my hair, specifically my decision to “comb out” my dreads .

Growing up , I had thick natural hair , I  got a perm in high school, and man was it healthy for one whole entire month ! And then, I started to not really care about it .

It took me almost 10 years to decide to go natural . The nudge actually came from a guy ! He said, ” you would look great with locks” and so I got locks ( my issues with self esteem , image and relationships is for another  post) .

So here we are with baby dreads in college :

Baby dreads

Baby dreads

I loved my hair, I kept it for years , just about 7 years to be specific. And if you know me, I don’t keep anything for that long, back then not even a man…..LOL

Now here is the thing with dreads/locks/natty… get labelled. The rasta girl, the natural hair girl, the vegetarian…whoa there……it’s just hair , right ? RIGHTTTT.

So as my hair grew, I loved it because I finally found a hair style that fit me, and that my grandparents loved….( that’s important) .

2119_59788187058_269_n 72080_10150110479897059_3389768_n 156380_10150105780777059_3546390_n 167702_10150129269222059_8332089_n

So now here we are in 2013, I have done all these fun things with my dreads/locks/natty and now I am bored. And I start thinking can I cut my hair ? People went crazy at the idea, ” really your gonna cut your dreads ? but it fit you, you’re gonna look weird with it gone”……

I knew the story of my dreads began with what people thought, It  does not make sense….it’s my hair…and it’s only hair …isn’t it ?

So I decided to be a rebel , I went with my gut…..bye bye dreads…..hello loose natural hair…I am going defy popular opinion, and my granny, and go with what I want…and I wanted freedom from dreads.

So I opted to comb these suckers out…it took all of three months, just over 120 locks and now here we are , loose healthy natural hair…and importantly freedom. It’s the hair I want and the hair that I feel more comfortable with .


So I had dreads, now I have loose natural hair. I kinda miss  the convenience of locks, but now I feel empowered, more confident and happy that I chose a hairstyle for me and not for everyone else.

My only problem…… the hell do I comb this hair !